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    Secure Payment

    Secure online payments are guaranteed by PayU (

    Online payments

    • Payment using debit/credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, Diners Club)
    • Flexible vendor payment terms
    • Multicurrency vendor payments
    • Vendor payments to multiple bank accounts
    • Flexible financial terms
    • Partial refund
    • Instant Payment Notification
    • Fast ordering system with our Live Update technology

    Antifraud system

    • 3-D Secure Vendor & Shopper Protection
    • Expert Fraud Checking System
    • Automatic filters for suspicious transactions
    • Suspicious transactions  manual checking
    • Secure Order Page Hosting
    • Notification for fraudulent online transaction attempts

    Shopper support

    • 24/7 Multilanguage support
    • myAccount - real time online support
    • Order value in the chosen currency
    • Online customer support center


    Expert fraud checking for your and your clients’ safety
    3D Secure Vendor & Shopper Protection

    Benefits of the 3D Secure system (Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code):

    • More secure online transactions
    • Card is protected in the event of theft or loss. Only the cardholder can finalize the online payment.
    • Highly reduces the fraud risk for both merchants and enrolled cardholders.
    • Less chargebacks and less related costs.
    • Expert Fraud Checking

    24/7 Double-Check Antifraud Systems - Proprietary anti-fraud filters are an important component of the ePayment platform. Information given by the buyer along with his behavior during payment are analyzed by intelligent algorithms, resulting in a final fraud score.

    Our automate antifraud filters are constantly being enhanced and analyze each transaction according to elements such as:
    Behavior: history of buyer’s data, shopping frequency and volume, ordered products, time spent in the payment interfaces;

    • Data provided: issuing bank (along with geographical address of the buyer and IP), delivery address, and other undisclosed elements;
    • Industry profile. For each industry, there is a shopper profile that contains a complex set of criteria, starting with the products and finishing with the target audience.

    For high fraud risk orders, our specialists apply specific manual screening procedures.

    Secure Order Page Hosting

    Orders processed on secure GECAD ePayment servers - Orders are placed in a secure ecommerce environment using SSL certificates (Secure Socket Layer) on 128 bytes.

    Secure Transaction Processing

    Our servers are constantly being monitored and verified to meet Visa, MasterCard, Discover & JCB standards.


    McAfee SECURE

    The PayU platform is scanned daily by McAfee in order to prevent any possible security incidents and in order to meet PCI DSS security requirements.